Brasco International

Strategic Partner to the Primary Industry

Brasco International

Founded in 1989, the company continues to experience growth, establishing itself as a strong industry player for the many complex and major projects successfully carried out worldwide in the field of refractory assembly, repair, and maintenance.

Main Areas of Expertise

  • Anode baking furnace assembly
  • Refractories for electrolytic cells (pot lining)
  • Iron preparation, melting, and casting for cathode block sealing

Expertise that Spans the Globe

Brasco International's team of experts have worked in many countries around the world, among them Holland, Argentina, South Africa, Bosnia, France, Iceland, Germany, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

The company's international presence continues to strengthen through its association with SET Linings for major assembly projects and technical support mandates such as:

  • Designing refractory linings for manufacturing units
  • Conducting preliminary studies for refractory assembly schemes
  • Preparing budget estimates for refractory assembly costs
  • Analyzing methods and comparing them with world standards
  • Training employees and preparing assembly manuals
  • Conducting productivity audits and assessments
  • Conducting quality control and monitoring

Company Overview

Areas of Activity:

  • Construction


Peter Nobre
650, avenue Dutord
Bécancour (QC)  G9H 2Z5

Tel.: 819 701-9539